George Klein

George Klein

CEO & Founder

Leveraging a Lifetime of Entrepreneurship to Improve the Consumer Experience

George is a serial entrepreneur and executive with vast experience in all aspects of business ownership. His attributes his success in his businesses to a relentless focus on best-in-class customer service. His customers agree. Hardly a day goes by without someone stopping George to tell him about a great experience they had with one of his businesses.

With the advent of social media and online reviews, George watched businesses struggle to stay up with changing consumer behavior and expectations. Customers wanted a quick, easy way to communication with businesses but businesses couldn’t deliver. Out of frustration, consumers turned to social media and public review sites to get attention from businesses, often for poor customer service.

The idea for Peoplocity was born from George’s recognition of the pain businesses were experiencing from these public platforms.

George spent two years meeting with business and technology leaders in the Indianapolis area to determine if technology could be leveraged to provide a solution. One of those meetings was with Cathy Langlois who was the executive director of the Entrepreneurship Advancement Center located in Hamilton County, Indiana. Cathy would later join the team to bring her patient experience and entrepreneurial understanding to Peoplocity.

Cathy Langlois

Cathy Langlois

Executive VP

Deciding to move forward with the concept, in 2013, Peoplocity was accepted into RunUp Labs Travel Technology Accelerator in Bloomington, Indiana where the business concept was further developed. Peoplocity was deployed in the marketplace for beta clients in late 2014.

2015 was spent building an initial client and consumer base and testing several markets, leading to the current go-to-market strategy focused on providing a solution for business travel, large organizations, and meetings/conferences. These markets experience multiple points of contact with customers throughout an extended relationship and need to capture and organize customer feedback to provide data and analytics to multiple stakeholders.

Today, Peoplocity’s platform provides businesses with a private direct channel consumers can use easily on their mobile phone to send feedback and resolve issues. The platform aggregates the data and provides actionable insights that businesses can use to improve customer experience. Peoplocity is a disruptive technology that delivers a better alternative to surveys and provides an easy channel for businesses to resolve issues privately with their customers.