Creating a Better Workplace

Easy Mobile Channel

By providing employees with an easy-to-use text channel, you capture more feedback, gain valuable insights and increase engagement.

Two-Way Personal Engagement

Engage privately to respond to questions, send information, ask questions and prompt employee actions.

Measure Engagement

The cloud-based platform provides analytics to share with stakeholders throughout the organization.

Actionable Insights

Get real-time actionable insights from analytics you can use to make improvements for employees and customers.

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Engage to Outperform Your Competition

  • 10% increase customer satisfaction
  • 41% reduction in product defects
  • 21% increase in productivity

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

  • Consistently measure how employees feel about the organization
  • Increase communication with employees
  • Share information immediately and directly
  • Recognize employees


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How It Works


Employees use a mobile app to easily text feedback, ask questions and get information in real-time. No surveys. No emails. No suggestion box.

Respond and Engage

Easily respond to employees, ask for feedback, prompt actions and share information. Real-time, private engagement.

Actionable Insights

The cloud-based platform provides analytics and actionable insights to build employee engagement.

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We can help you capture real-time feedback from your employees Get deeper insights. And, do more with those insights.

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