Capture More. Better. Faster.

  • Get immediate feedback on speakers and sessions
  • Engage in 2-way communication with attendees

Delight Attendees. Increase Engagement.

  • Attendee-driven feedback lets you know what they care most about
  • Real-time messaging and push notifications prompt attendee action
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Attendee Messages

Our free mobile app lets your attendees send you feedback on anything from speakers to activities to exhibits throughout the event.



Send private responses directly to attendees while they are still at the event.

Delighted & Engaged


Attendees are delighted when they can easily send feedback through the app. They are engaged and have an overall better experience.

Attendee Experience


We will provide an experience report that you can share with sponsors and other stakeholders. You will have valuable data to use as you plan future events.

Engage Attendees to Get Real-Time Feedback.

90% of attendees typically do not respond to post-event surveys. Real-time feedback provides more accurate data about your event. Attendees have the chance to share their thoughts while they are fresh on their minds.

Reports Provide Valuable Data

When you capture real-time feedback, you get a full range of content-rich information that can be used when you plan future events. You also get quality content to share with stakeholders and to market other events.

Relax. We Monitor the Feedback.

We provide monitoring services so messages receive timely responses. If a message is urgent, we connect it to the right person to handle it. Messages won’t slip through the cracks!

Sponsorship Revenue

You can offer a feedback sponsorship to generate revenue for the event and a new exposure opportunity for a sponsor. Sponsor recognition including a messaging sent through the app is a powerful marketing opportunity.


We can help you capture more feedback from your attendees. Get deeper insights into their experience. And, do more with those insights.

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