Building a Lasting Culture of Employee Appreciation


Employee Appreciation Day is recognized on the first Friday in March. While an annual employee appreciation day is nice, building a lasting culture that values employees has a much greater impact.

Businesses with a culture that values and engages employees enjoy higher productivity, lower absenteeism, lower turnover and higher profitability. Businesses that successfully build that culture also see positive results with customers. Numerous studies have found a direct link between engaged, happy employees and loyal, happy customers. Studies focused on employee engagement found that engaged employees are willing to go above and beyond for their companies and customers.

There are many pieces that must work together to create a productive organizational culture. Here are three practices that build a culture that values and appreciates employees.

Ask Employees For Feedback 

Employees who interact with customers have a wealth of information about your customers. They are in the best position to understand customers’ likes and dislikes. They also understand how internal processes can be improved to better serve customers. Make employees a valued part of the business by asking them to watch for ways to improve how you interact with and serve customers. Establish methods for employees to regularly and easily share what they know.

Value Employee Feedback

Asking employees for feedback is not enough. Use the information they share to make changes that improve the experience for customers and for employees! Employees feel valued and appreciated when they see that their feedback is used to improve the organization.  

Empower Employees

Employees who feel valued, are motivated to go above and beyond to meet customer needs. Let them! Provide training to help employees understand customers as well as the organization. Provide the resources they need to meet customer needs and the appropriate level of authority to make decisions to take care of  customers.

While an annual Employee Appreciation Day is nice, building a culture that appreciates employees has lasting impacts on employees, the business and your customers.


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