Features Your Business Needs to Engage

Business Platform

The cloud-based platform is easy to use!

  • Send customers messages and push notifications from your business portal
  • Easily identify customer sentiment in feedback messages 
  • Include one-click phone numbers, email addresses or web links in customer messages 
  • With one click, escalate, notify, or add others to a message to see and/or respond
  • Tag messages for data analysis and reporting
  • Get real-time visibility into interactions and operations
  • Aggregate message data for reporting and analysis

Customer App

Customers interact on their channel of choice!

  • Customers can message a business to get help or give feedback at any point in their experience.

  • Customer information is included in every message so you know who you’re interacting with.

  • Customers get push notification when they have a message from you.  

  • Customers share valuable feedback in real-time, while it’s fresh in the mind.

  • The app can be branded for your business.

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