Not Our Cup of Coffee

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How long are you willing to wait for a cup of coffee? I would bet no longer than five minutes. More than that and your foot is tapping impatiently as you wait for your first sip of caffeine. I was recently the impatient foot-tapping customer at a local coffee shop. I’d gone to the shop a few times with very positive experiences, so I wanted to share it with my friends. We walked in the door to an untamed and poorly organized day at the coffee shop. Two of my friends received their orders, while the rest of us sat...

When Customer Service Goes Social

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Getting and responding to feedback should be a big part of your customer service routine. Let people know how to get in touch with you, and make it easy for them to use those channels. Respond quickly and efficiently.

Are You Looking in the Rear View Mirror?

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Would you drive to your next vacation destination looking in your rear view mirror? Ridiculous question, right? As a business owner, you make decisions that impact your customers’ experience. What information are you using to make those decisions? If you are getting feedback from your customers through surveys or other market research, you are running your business looking in the rear view mirror. Improving the individual and aggregate customer experience has a huge impact on the top and bottom line. In order to deliver a great customer experience, you need to get timely feedback that enables you to make quick...

Show Your Customers the Love

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Can you recall the last time you experienced great customer service? Not just good service-great service! Service that made you think, “I love this place!”. This is the kind of service that you want to deliver in your own business or organization. In a study that tested 1,620 consumers, 63% said they felt their heart rate increase when they thought about receiving great customer service. For 53% of those tested, receiving great service triggered the same cerebral reactions as feeling loved. (American Express Service Study, September 2013) What does that mean for business owners? When it comes to service, it’s...

That Happens All the Time

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Holiday air travel can bring out the worst in people. Add stress to an often chaotic system that already suffers from long lines, frequent delays, and short fuses, and the potential for an unhappy experience is greatly amplified. While a few airlines understand the need to go out of their way to help manage inevitable problems, many do not. Rude or callous responses to customer issues from overworked and stressed out employees can make matters far worse. Flying on a small regional commuter airline during the holidays, we were shuttled to the terminal in one of those small shuttle buses....