How It Works

Peoplocity is Your Two-Way Messaging Channel

Two-way personalized messaging with your customers…the way they want to interact with you.

Customer Messaging

Customers can message a business to ask questions, request help and send feedback at any point in their journey.

Business Engagement With Customers

Businesses respond to customers through a private business platform. Businesses can also send group communications to deliver important information, updates, special promotions and reminders to customers.

Customer Notifications

Customers get a push notification when they get a message from a business.

Cloud Platform

The cloud platform turns customers' text messages into email and delivers them to an empowered person in the business.

Handle More Interactions

Handle numerous customer interactions at one time and spend less time per interaction.

Aggregated Message Data

Gain valuable insights to continuously improve the customer experience, drive loyalty and increase revenue


The cloud platform can be a stand-alone messaging channel or easily integrated into an existing app, CRM,       
e-commerce or other business system.

The mobile app can be custom branded for your business.