Peoplocity Improves Customer Experience

George Klein, Peoplocity Founder & CEO, and Cathy Langlois, Executive VP, talk about the importance of engaging with customers.

Can Your Clean Up Guy Do This?

Every employee plays a role in the customer experience. Make sure all of your employees are ready and able to assist customers at critical points throughout their journey.

Customer Service is Marketing

Organizations often operate in silos without thinking about how customer interactions in one department impact the work of other departments. Listen as George talks about how his experience with customer service effected his opinion of an entire brand.

How Big is Your Asterisk*?

Most marketing includes an asterisk, that tiny little star that gives you the fine print. We can expect some conditions when we buy a product or service, but when the fine print becomes too confusing or have too many conditions, we have to ask “How big is your asterisk?”

The Millennial Customer

Why should businesses be thinking about the millennial customers? George Klein, Founder & CEO of Peoplocity, shares his comments.

Proactive Customer Service

Proactive customer service avoids customer problems, frustrations and complaints.  George Klein, Founder & CEO of Peoplocity, shares his comments.