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Customers care more about their experience than ever before. While omni-channel support is getting a lot of attention, but it is not for every business.

It’s not hard to give customers a personalized experience. With a few personalized emails, one sneaker company made me feel like I was part of their family.

Most crisis communication plans blew up when COVID-19 hit. Now is the time
to revamp those plans using what have we learned over the past few months.

Since the pandemic, businesses are turning to messaging to communicate with customers. Here are 6 strategies to effectively manage a messaging channel.

Are You Looking in the Rearview Mirror?

As a business owner, you make decisions that impact your customers’ experience. If you are using surveys to make those decisions, you may be looking in the rearview mirror.

Things are different right now. Think differently about how you can meet your customers’ needs. You’ll create loyal customers for a long time to come.

This Takes Too Much Effort

Customer Effort is a measure of the ease of doing business with a company. It is an important tool to determine customer loyalty.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Personalization is the number one changing customer expectation. How do businesses deliver personalized experiences to their customers?

Messaging to Improve Student Retention

Students can have trouble finding and/or accessing the resources  provided to help them succeed. Using a messaging platform to communicate with students improve student retention.

Why Don't Students Read Emails?

A common problem we hear from clients is that their customers don’t read emails. Why is this when the emails have critical information their customers need?

Proactive Communication Improves the Student Journey

Proactive communication is based on the understanding of the student journey, knowing their needs throughout their journey and communicating with them rather than waiting for them to ask questions. 

Modernize Your Hospitality Desk

Hospitality Desks have long been a staple of travel management companies. Travel has changed a lot over the years, but the hospitality desk has more or less remained the same. Now is the time to modernize your hospitality desk.

Do Baby Boomers Use
Messaging Apps?

Baby Boomers are traveling all over the world. Are they bringing their smartphones with them? Do they actually use messaging apps? Read to find out.

Mad Enough to Write a Song

Musician Dave Carroll watched as his expensive Taylor guitar was carelessly tossed by baggage handlers at O’Hare airport. He was not surprised when he arrived at his destination to discover the guitar was damaged beyond repair.

Treat Loyal Customers Like VIPs

Don’t wait to lose your loyal customers. Engage with them and treat them like VIPs now. It costs less, increases revenue and builds your brand.

Dimensions of Service

There are two dimensions of service. A  customer-focused culture balances these dimensions to provide exceptional service.

Why Don’t People Answer the Phone Anymore?

Phones revolutionized the way people communicated. Calling used to be the primary form of communication. So why are people no longer picking up the phone?

Free Avocado

Extraordinary businesses start with extraordinary people who go out of their way to take care of their customers. How do your employees measure up?