A Tale of Two Salons


As businesses close and life as we know it comes to a halt due to COVID-19, many of us are beginning to realize just how much we depend on various services we use including restaurants, dry cleaners, and gyms. Along with the uncertainty and fears of COVID-19, our inability to access these services can create anxiety.

Many businesses that provide services are thinking creatively to offer alternatives for their customers. Gyms are coming out with home workouts and other tips for staying healthy during this time. Dry cleaners are offering free pickup and delivery. Restaurants that have not typically offered delivery are figuring out how to make that work for their customers. All these alternatives are good for customers and for businesses.

What about hair salons? It is more difficult for salons to offer alternatives for their services. Most of the services they provide require special skills or carefully concocted formulas. Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?! Or even worse, colored their hair with the wrong color? Social media posts are showing some scary possibilities!

These social media posts are meant to be funny but easily create anxiety for some. Could this really happen?!

Salons have closed to protect customers and their employees. Most salons focus on rescheduling appointments knowing that those appointments may not happen. We found one salon offering a creative solution to help their clients.

Salon01 posted the following message on Instagram. They are offering their clients Hair Color Extenders. Customers can pick up a small amount of THEIR special color formula to touch up their roots. What a creative way to solve a problem for customers and show that you care about them during this uncertain time.

This is a time to think out of the box about how your business can support your customers. What do your customers most need from you and what creative ways can you help meet that need during the pandemic?

This is a temporary situation. How you treat your customers now will impact them for a long time.

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