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Full-Size Service

10/30/19 Comments Leave your thoughts

As a kid, I knew the best houses to stop at while trick or treating. The ones with friendly people, houses that were fun and welcoming, and especially the ones who gave full-size candy bars! When we ran into our friends while we were trick or treating, we told them what houses to be sure to go to and what ones to skip. We even remembered our experiences the following year! Customers are looking for full-size service. Customers act much the same way as trick or treaters. They look for friendly, welcoming businesses that provide a full-size equivalent of products...

Why Don’t Travelers Read Emails?

07/01/19 Comments Leave your thoughts

“I’ve sent all of the information they need to their email, why are they asking me this question?”. This statement is all too common. Travel leaders find themselves reminding people 2 or 3 times before the information finally sticks.  When travelers don’t read emails, important information is missed. Why don’t travelers read these emails?! Here’s what we discovered.  Moving Between Devices 98% of people use multiple devices throughout the day. Shifting between devices changes how people read and process information. A traveler might quickly check email on their computer and plan to come back to it later on their phone. Sometimes...

Top 3 Questions Students are Asking About Graduation

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Students are notorious for asking the same graduation questions over and over again. We work with students from 42 universities across the United States and we’d like to bet that we know three of the five questions they’re asking Commencement offices most often. What if you could eliminate these repetitive questions by understanding the root cause? Question 1: Do I need tickets/Can I get more tickets? This is on the mind of both students and their parents. But didn’t you already tell them? It’s on the website, social media, and in their email inbox. Here’s the thing, students don’t read...

Customer Experience: The Impact on Engagement

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Companies are competing based on customer experience (CX)! CX drives decisions about whether or not customers will continue to do business with a company. Engaging with customers throughout their experience is critical to ensuring a great experience. This infographic provides an overview of the impact of customer engagement on customer experience.

A Better Way to Reach Your Customers

02/18/19 Comments Leave your thoughts

Most companies are not keeping pace with their busy, mobile customers. Over 6 billion text messages are sent daily in the U.S., yet few companies provide a true two-way messaging channel for their customers to use to communicate with them. A messaging channel provides many benefits for both businesses and their customers. Mobile lifestyle We are on the move both professionally and personally. It is predicted that by 2020, 72% of U.S. workers will be mobile. We are less tied to a computer in our work lives as well as our personal lives. Messaging is an easier communication channel and works...

Why Don’t Students Read Emails?

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  A common problem we hear is that college students don’t read their emails. In one survey, nearly 40% of students reported that they don’t open emails from academic advisors, more than half don’t read emails from their academic department, and 72% treat emails from student organizations like spam.​ Commencement and first-year experience offices express the same frustrations. Emails they send to students and parents with important information and resources they need, go unread. So, why don’t students or their parents read these emails?! We decided to do some research into why and here is what we discovered. Moving Between Devices 98%...

Which Messaging Platform is Best for Business?

09/21/18 Comments Leave your thoughts

Messaging has become the communication channel of choice. Messaging is instant and makes communication with people half way across the world not only possible, but completely free. These advances haven’t just changed the way people communicate with each other, they’ve changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Here are four messaging options businesses leverage to communicate with their customers: Text Messaging Today, texting is the most prevalent form of communication worldwide. Text messages have a 99% open rate, one of the highest open rates of all communication forms. One of the most common forms of texting used by businesses...

The 10 Biggest Trends Impacting Customer Experience in 2018 and Beyond

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Customer experiences provided by machines using artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have become increasingly common in the past year. They are used in a number of recent technology trends. We are on course for entire customer experiences to be provided by machines online using AI. AI bots can also interact with other bots to solve customer issues. Alexa and Siri, two of the most common voice agents on the market, use AI to answer customer questions and even place orders for customers. AI allows employees to focus on other tasks instead of answering routine customer questions. It also keeps...

The Road to Losing Customers

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One of the worst customer experiences my family and I had was with a roadside assistance company a few years ago. We were pulling our camper to Charleston for a family vacation when two of the camper tires blew and we had to pull over on the side of the highway. My dad called our roadside assistance service to tow our camper to the nearest RV service center. After ending the call, my dad informed us that they were working on getting someone who could tow the camper and they should be there in about an hour. An hour passed...