Phone Calls vs Peoplocity: Which is better for your needs?


When you want to ask a friend or family member a question, how do you contact them? Most people’s preferred channel of communication looks something like this:

Answering concerns as efficiently as possible is the goal for most customer service departments. Making sure you’re communicating on a channel comfortable for customers is equally important. When should you call vs message your customers? Read on to find out.

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Quick Comparison (Peoplocity vs Phone Calls):

Unique Phone Features

Phone calls are free. Sort of… Unlimited minutes is the standard these days for business and consumer cell phones. For a set monthly rate we can make as many calls as we want. Pew Research cites that 96% of Americans currently have a cell phone of some kind. The ubiquity of cell phones means its easier than ever to get in touch with your customers.

Phone calls let you use voice tones. With messages it’s harder to communicate the subtleties that are necessary in important conversations. 38% of communication is in the tone of our voice. This makes phone calls much better for apologizing, resolving issues, or discussing personal matters.

Phone calls provide immediate answers (most of the time). In case of emergencies, phone calls are a great way to get help. If you call 911, you get instantly connected to a live person. If you call most modern businesses, you navigate a complex directory and wait on hold for 15 minutes before getting your problem solved. The system in place to field calls affects the customer experience greatly.

Phone calls let you explain complicated things. No one wants to read a novel to figure out how to do something. Instead of describing a step by step process in an email, a phone call will let you explain everything quickly and walk your customer through the process in the most efficient manner.

Unique Peoplocity Features

Peoplocity lets you communicate with multiple people. Whether you want to send a message to 5 people or 5000 or more, Peoplocity makes it easy. No need to call or message each one individually. It also lets you handle multiple questions at the same time. No more repeating the same answer over and over again. Create a stock response and quickly handle common questions!

Peoplocity stores all relevant information in one place. Email’s widespread adoption has overcrowded the inbox. With Peoplocity you own the inbox. When you send messages through Peoplocity’s messaging platform, your clients have access to all the information, reminders, and updates in one place. There’s no need to search through multiple email accounts to find what time the event starts, it’s in the app.

Peoplocity decreases incoming calls/emails. When you message friends and family it’s not expected that the other person respond right away. The same applies for messaging businesses. Customers aren’t expecting an immediate response, as long as you get back in a timely manner. The Peoplocity messaging platform has helped business decrease incoming calls/emails by more than 50%!

Peoplocity helps improve your business with data. Effective communication decreases future questions. Without insight into what and when your customer is having concerns, you’re stuck answering the same question over and over again. Peoplocity’s platform provides the data you need to proactively eliminate questions your customers have. It also provides an easy channel for collecting customer feedback. These actionable insights improve your business for future customers.

Pros of Phone Calls vs Peoplocity

Which should you choose?

Phone calls are one of the best ways to have important discussions. The relatively quick ability to access anyone with a phone number is outstanding. If you’re looking for the cheaper option, phone calls are the way to go.

If you’re looking to decrease incoming phone calls, you might want to give Peoplocity a try. Communicating with your customers on their preferred channel leads to a happier more engaged group who see your commitment to service as a reason to buy again.

Interested in learning more about Peoplocity? Click here to schedule a short demo of the platform and learn more about how it can be customized to fit your needs.

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