Our Story

With the advent of social media and online reviews, George watched businesses struggle to stay up with changing consumer behavior and expectations. Customers wanted a quick, easy way to communicate with businesses, but businesses couldn’t deliver. Out of frustration, customers turned to social media and public review sites to get attention from businesses, often for a poor customer experience.

The idea for Peoplocity was born from George’s recognition that businesses need to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and expectations. Customers want a quick, easy way to communicate with businesses but are stuck with channels such as email and phone calls.

Peoplocity was created in 2014 to improve communication between businesses and their customers. Since then, the 2-way messaging platform has helped businesses communicate more effectively and efficiently with thousands of customers in universities, travel and non-profits.

Meet the Management Team

George Klein

George Klein

CEO & Founder

George is a serial entrepreneur who attributes his success to a relentless focus on customer service. Customers have repeatedly highlighted this as their favorite part of working with him. 

Cathy Langlois

Cathy Langlois

Executive VP

Cathy is the former Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Advancement Center in Hamilton County, Indiana. Cathy brings a strong understanding of customer and employee experience.

The Mira Awards—the biggest tech awards event in Indiana—celebrates the people, products, companies, and places chosen as ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’. 

Peoplocity is honored to be a 2019 and 2018 TechPoint Nominee for the Best of Tech in Indiana.