Email vs Peoplocity: Which is better for your needs?


Email will never die. Despite attempts to dethrone it; email has survived for decades. Email’s popularity has led businesses to use it for every message they send out. All messages land in the same inbox; spam requests from a Nigerian Prince along side order information and important event reminders.

“People try to make email do everything when it’s not particularly good at anything.”

Don Norman (author of The Design of Everyday Things)

In a world that’s increasingly mobile, 2-way personalized messaging might be a better fit for you and your customers. On the other hand, email has done its job for years. Should you upgrade to something new? Take a read through this article to see which product works best for your situation.

Quick Comparison (Email vs Peoplocity):

Unique Email Features

*industry average

Email is free. Almost everyone in the world uses it. Rapid adoption has led to millions of use cases: advertising, cross-team communication, and keeping tabs on your grandmother who refuses to buy a smartphone. Lots of possibilities equal lots of messages. In fact, it’s projected that in 2022 we will collectively send 333 billion emails… per day.

Email is asynchronous. What does that mean…? It means that people aren’t expected to respond right away. Or in some cases, people aren’t expected to respond at all. This makes it great for communicating non-time sensitive information or one-way information.

Email is fast? Yes! If you compare it to other popular forms of communication email is fast. Rather than trying to find a good time that works with everyone’s schedule you can send an email with the information that you were going to talk about, saving both parties time.

Email is configurable. Email is very adaptive in the way you display content. If you want to send a message with special fonts and colors, that’s possible with email. Some companies have mastered this in their well designed email newsletters.

Unique Peoplocity Features

Peoplocity has higher open rates. Email’s widespread adoption has overcrowded the inbox. When you send an email you’re competing with hundreds of other people and companies for your client’s attention. With a finite amount of time consumers choose to open about 20% of their emails versus 98% of their messages. When communicating important information, Peoplocity allows you to own the channel of communication.

Peoplocity stores all relevant information in one place. You own the inbox. When you send messages through Peoplocity’s messaging platform, your clients have all your information, reminders, and updates in one place. There’s no need to search through multiple email accounts to find what time the event starts, it’s in the app.

Peoplocity optimizes for messages that are not content heavy. Content heavy emails overwhelm the brain. Long emails send important information to the void of human memory along with the name of the person you just met and where you put your car keys. Breaking messages into bite-sized pieces and sending them at a relevant time causes information retention to skyrocket! This concept is called chunking and is used in everything from phone numbers to web design.

Example: (317) 504-1234 vs 3175141234 (Which is easier to remember?)

Peoplocity helps improve your business with data. Effective communication decreases future questions. Without an insight into what and when your customer are having concerns, you’re stuck answering the same question over and over again. Peoplocity’s platform provides the data you need to proactively eliminate questions your customers have. It also provides an easy channel for collecting customer feedback. These actionable insights improve your business for future customers.

Pros of Email vs Peoplocity:

Which should you choose?

Email has worked well enough so far. And if you are looking for the cheaper option, email is the way to go. You may even be able to incorporate some of the principles of “chunking” by using Gmail to schedule your emails.

If you’ve had trouble getting clients to read your emails in the past, you might want to give Peoplocity a try. A more personalized experience will lead to better engagement and happier clients who may see your commitment to service as a reason to buy again.

Interested in learning more about Peoplocity? Click here to schedule a short demo of the platform and learn more about how it can be customized to fit your needs.

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