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Is Omni-Channel Support for Every Business?

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Since the start of the pandemic, it seems like every phone call we make has the same recorded warning. It goes something like, “We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes due to the COVID pandemic. Expect longer wait times…” While that makes sense for some businesses, it feels like an excuse for others. In an attempt to handle the higher volume of calls, some businesses have implemented new service options. After giving the dire warning of longer wait times, callers are offered other service options such as text or chat. These are omni-channel options and can potentially provide a...

How Personalization Helped me Find my Sneaker Family

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No matter what platform customers use to engage with your business, they increasingly prefer to receive a personalized experience when they do engage with you. In fact, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences.  I’m a fanatic about customer experience—a personalized customer experience. I also happen to like trendy, comfortable sneakers. I recently discovered a new sneaker brand called CARIUMA and ordered a pair of their fun sneakers. I was disappointed when they didn’t fit me comfortably, and I had to send them back. Even though the sneakers...

A Tale of Two Salons

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As businesses close and life as we know it comes to a halt due to COVID-19, many of us are beginning to realize just how much we depend on various services we use including restaurants, dry cleaners, and gyms. Along with the uncertainty and fears of COVID-19, our inability to access these services can create anxiety. Many businesses that provide services are thinking creatively to offer alternatives for their customers. Gyms are coming out with home workouts and other tips for staying healthy during this time. Dry cleaners are offering free pickup and delivery. Restaurants that have not typically offered...

Deliver Personalized Experiences

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The need for businesses to provide personalized customer experiences is growing, with customer experience professionals citing it as the number one changing customer expectation. Emarsys defines personalization as the implementation of a strategy by which companies deliver individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology. In simpler terms, it is a marketing strategy that focuses on making content suited for an individual customer based on what they know about the customer through data collection. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used more and more to personalize customer experiences. AI is able to perform human-like tasks...

Customer Experience: The Impact on Engagement

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Companies are competing based on customer experience (CX)! CX drives decisions about whether or not customers will continue to do business with a company. Engaging with customers throughout their experience is critical to ensuring a great experience. This infographic provides an overview of the impact of customer engagement on customer experience.

A Better Way to Reach Your Customers

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Most companies are not keeping pace with their busy, mobile customers. Over 6 billion text messages are sent daily in the U.S., yet few companies provide a true two-way messaging channel for their customers to use to communicate with them. A messaging channel provides many benefits for both businesses and their customers. Mobile lifestyle We are on the move both professionally and personally. It is predicted that by 2020, 72% of U.S. workers will be mobile. We are less tied to a computer in our work lives as well as our personal lives. Messaging is an easier communication channel and works...

Why Students Don’t Read Emails

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A common problem we hear is that college students don’t read their emails. In one survey, nearly 40% of students reported that they don’t open emails from academic advisors, more than half don’t read emails from their academic department, and 72% treat emails from student organizations like spam.​ Commencement and first-year experience offices express the same frustrations. Emails they send to students and parents with important information and resources they need, go unread. So, why don’t students read these emails?! We decided to do some research into why and here is what we discovered. Moving Between Devices 98% of people use multiple...

Free Avocado

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I really like avocado. Whenever I am trying to decide between two sandwiches at a restaurant, the one with avocado will almost always win. The other day, I was at the Stacked Pickle. I ordered their Turkey, bacon sandwich because I thought it came with avocado. When the sandwich was delivered, I asked the server about the missing avocado. He politely explained I had read the description incorrectly. The sandwich actually came with avocado-mayo. I didn’t have time to be disappointed, because he immediately asked if I would like a slice of avocado for my sandwich. I was impressed with...

Lessons from Southwest

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I’ve flown several different airlines in the past few months. Most recently, I flew Southwest and was reminded how much I enjoy the flying with Southwest compared to other airlines.  Southwest Company Culture  Southwest has created a culture that is positive, fun and engaging for employees. Employees are happy and interact positively with customers. They are encouraged to be creative in the way they complete otherwise boring, repetitive tasks required by Federal regulations. One of my favorites was the flight attendant who asked, “Did anyone lose this?” Of course, we all looked up. The attendant was smiling and said, “Now...