Treat Loyal Customers Like VIPs

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We all love getting the VIP treatment from businesses, especially if we are loyal customers. It makes us feel like we’re valued customers. Businesses treat us like VIPs when they are trying to win our business. Unfortunately, that treatment fades pretty quickly once we become a customer. I’ve been a long-time customer of my cable company and recently contacted them three times over the course of a couple of months to talk about ways to reduce my monthly bill. I even told them I had a better offer from a competitor and if we couldn’t get close to that offer,...

Phone Calls vs Peoplocity: Which is better for your needs?

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When you want to ask a friend or family member a question, how do you contact them? Most people’s preferred channel of communication looks something like this: Answering concerns as efficiently as possible is the goal for most customer service departments. Making sure you’re communicating on a channel comfortable for customers is equally important. When should you call vs message your customers? Read on to find out. If you’re interested in learning about where email should fall in your communication strategy, read this article. Quick Comparison (Peoplocity vs Phone Calls): Unique Phone Features Phone calls are free. Sort of… Unlimited minutes...

Do Baby Boomers use Messaging Apps?

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Alumni Travelers tend to range from 50-85 years old. These travelers remember when cell phones were bigger than their heads. An iPhone was merely science fiction when they were born. Now the majority of people have smartphones, and they use them to message friends and family while traveling. Percentage of Smart Phone Users (Aged 50+) Pew Research cites that 96% of Americans currently own some kind of cell phone. 81% of those Americans are using smartphones. 8 years ago, this was unheard of. In 2011 only 35% of people had smartphones. But what about your clients? If your travelers fall between...

Why Don’t Travelers Read Emails?

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“I’ve sent all of the information they need to their email, why are they asking me this question?”. This statement is all too common. Travel leaders find themselves reminding people 2 or 3 times before the information finally sticks.  When travelers don’t read emails, important information is missed. Why don’t travelers read these emails?! Here’s what we discovered.  Moving Between Devices 98% of people use multiple devices throughout the day. Shifting between devices changes how people read and process information. A traveler might quickly check email on their computer and plan to come back to it later on their phone. Sometimes...

Email vs Peoplocity: Which is better for your needs?

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Email will never die. Despite attempts to dethrone it; email has survived for decades. Email’s popularity has led businesses to use it for every message they send out. All messages land in the same inbox; spam requests from a Nigerian Prince along side order information and important event reminders. “People try to make email do everything when it’s not particularly good at anything.” Don Norman (author of The Design of Everyday Things) In a world that’s increasingly mobile, 2-way personalized messaging might be a better fit for you and your customers. On the other hand, email has done its job...

How to Modernize Your Hospitality Desk

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Hospitality Desks have been a staple of travel management companies since the very beginning. The idea is well intentioned, make it as easy as possible for travelers to get the help that they need. Travel has changed a lot over the years, but the hospitality desk has more or less remained the same. Now that travelers can instantly access information from their smartphone, is a Dry Erase board the best place to put important updates? When seeking improvement, start with the end goal. The #1 goal of a hospitality desk is to provide a high level of service for travelers....

Top 3 Questions Students are Asking About Graduation

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Students are notorious for asking the same graduation questions over and over again. We work with students from 42 universities across the United States and we’d like to bet that we know three of the five questions they’re asking Commencement offices most often. What if you could eliminate these repetitive questions by understanding the root cause? Question 1: Do I need tickets/Can I get more tickets? This is on the mind of both students and their parents. But didn’t you already tell them? It’s on the website, social media, and in their email inbox. Here’s the thing, students don’t read...

Customer Experience: The Impact on Engagement

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Companies are competing based on customer experience (CX)! CX drives decisions about whether or not customers will continue to do business with a company. Engaging with customers throughout their experience is critical to ensuring a great experience. This infographic provides an overview of the impact of customer engagement on customer experience.

Proactive Communication Improves the Student Journey

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Communicating with college students and their parents can be challenging. There is a lot of information to convey and a variety of ways the information can be delivered. In an effort to save time, all the information a student or parent needs to know about an event, such as graduation or student orientation, is often packed into a single email or sent in a big information packet through the mail. The amount of information is overwhelming and is barely read. If it is, readers will typically get a few high-level points, missing many of the important details. As a result,...

Peoplocity Selected as a Nominee for TechPoint Mira Awards

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Contact: Cathy Langlois 317-442-4332 Peoplocity Selected as a Nominee for 20th Anniversary TechPoint Mira Awards Honoring ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’ INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  (February 12, 2019) — TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth initiative for Indiana’s technology ecosystem, announced the nominees for its 20th annual Mira Awards presented by Angie’s List and Salesforce. The Mira Awards gala—the biggest tech awards event in the state—celebrates the people, products, companies, and places chosen as ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’. Peoplocity is a nominee in the Tech Service of the Year category, which recognizes this year’s best solution in the delivery...