Leverage Technology and Grow Revenue


Our client is a long-time manufacturing leader in a mature market. Their market is changing, and they are facing stronger competition. At the same time, they are experiencing manufacturing problems that threaten business and open the door for competitors to aggressively go after their customers. In addition, our client is feeling pressure from a large national partner to make changes to improve customer experience.  

They came to us looking for an innovative way to improve service, differentiate themselves in their market and grow revenue. Their strategy was to move from a transactional relationship to a more meaningful, long-term relationship with their customers in order to:  

-Reduce customer churn 
-Increase market share  
-Increase revenue per customer 


We developed a client-branded version of our two-way text communication platform that includes a mobile app and a cloud-based business platform. Using the mobile app, customers could easily text messages to our client. Our client could respond quickly, often in real-time, through the business platform with personalized interactions using a conversational tone. The personalized interactions built trust and increased customer satisfaction.

Features in the platform enabled our client to send messages to all customers, or to targeted customer segments, to engage, inform and prompt actions. They could also deliver promotions right to their customers through the app. The business platform collected data from the interactions and provided valuable insights to enhance engagement with their customers and grow their business.

This technology was instrumental in a retention strategy that saved business and our relationship with a national partner who does $22 million dollars of annual business with us.
-VP of Sales



in revenue from existing customers


increase from new clients

Implementing our technology platform enabled our client to retain $17.2 million in multi-year contracts from current customers who were actively talking to the competition. 

Our client has added $1.75 million in new business to date by including our innovative technology in their sales agreements.

Our client is including the new technology as a market differentiator in sales presentations and discussions to win new accounts and increase sales in existing accounts.


Our client is transforming their image in the market as an innovative partner. They have attracted new customers as well as grown revenue by adding product lines with existing customers.