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The Hidden Costs of Bad Customer Service

06/14/16 Comments Leave your thoughts

Businesses can expect to encounter occasional service problems with their customers. It is estimated that U.S. companies lose $83 billion each year due to bad service. Some of the losses are obvious like giving refunds and losing the sale. Other costs may be less obvious but have longer lasting and often more significant impacts. Consider the example of a company that marketed and sold its products and service as the best in the industry. The company had production problems for two consecutive quarters and couldn’t deliver on those promises. Customers received extremely bad service. The hidden costs of the bad service...

ACTE Global Conference In Dallas

04/21/16 Comments Leave your thoughts

We just returned from the ACTE Global Corporate Travel Conference in Dallas! As we continue to think about the conference, we can’t help but think…WOW! It was truly a great experience from start to finish! The conference focused on key trends in the business travel industry including our favorite, Traveler Centricity. There were over 700 attendees from around the world onsite as well as online attendees who were treated to impressive speakers from throughout the travel industry. Two that were especially interesting to us included Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines and Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines. Their candid...

Can You Make a Negative Experience Profitable?

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There’s no getting around it, bad customer experiences happen. How you handle customer issues have a huge impact on your business. Recently, I had a bad experience that made me think about actions businesses can take when things go wrong. I had a reservation at a high-end steak house for a family celebration. Upon arrival, the hostess told us that they didn’t have a table available. I asked why, and was told it was because they were busy. Which is, of course, the point of the reservation! We waited 40 minutes before giving up. We left hungry and angry without...

The ROI of Customer Experience

02/22/16 Comments 1 Comment

We all know that great customer experience positively impacts a business, but exactly what does that mean? Our friends at the Temkin Group put more definition around the ROI of great customer experience.

No Problem is a Big Problem

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I like businesses that give me personal service and that little extra attention. I am willing to pay more at those businesses and I become a very loyal customer. Recently, I visited my local hardware store where I get that personal attention and service. With a little assistance, I got the supplies I needed and I headed to the checkout lane. I exchanged a few comments with the sales clerk, picked up my items and said, “Thank You” to which the sales clerk responded, “No Problem.” His response caught my attention. Of course it wasn’t a problem. “No problem” sounds...

A High-End Retail Experience… at the Grocery Store

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When you walk into a high-end retail store like Nordstrom, you expect to be treated to one-on-one service. When you make your way to the grocery store to pick up your weekly necessities, you may be used to a different experience, dealing with some minor issues during your trip. When stores like your neighborhood Kroger can take those minor issues and create a positive, one-on-one experience, they’re sure to make a customer for life. Let me tell you about the Nordstrom-quality experience I had recently at Kroger. Minor issue at hand: I can’t find my beloved thin pretzel crisps! Every...

Make 2016 The Year of the Customer

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Are you ready for 2016? If you’re like most business owners, you reviewed last year’s goals and set new ones for the coming year. When you defined those goals, did you include customer experience? I believe that customer experience should be integrated into all aspects of business. Customers are the only reason your business exists. Customer experience goals don’t have to be costly to have big returns for your business. If you have just a 5% increase in customer retention, you can increase profitability by 75%! Improving customer experience begins with information and data. Begin by stepping back to take...

You Only Have 7 Seconds

11/30/15 Comments Leave your thoughts

Seven seconds — that’s all the time you have to make a positive, lasting impression on any new customer. The interactions with your employees and observations about your business that take place during this short window are critical to the customer experience. Do you know what it takes to make a great first impression and make your customers feel like stars? Take Pride in Your Appearance When it comes to making a positive first impression, appearance certainly matters. There are two elements to consider: the appearance of your business and that of your employees. Regarding your business, customers start to...

Comment Cards Waste Resources

11/09/15 Comments Leave your thoughts

On a recent visit to my workout center, I noticed an issue I wanted to comment on. When I asked how I could get in touch with management, I was surprised to be directed to a far corner where comment cards and the dusty comment box were located. Why was my upscale workout center still using an antiquated method for obtaining customer feedback? After asking for a pen, I completed the comment card, including my contact information. It took about 15 minutes of my time to find and complete the card. Then I waited to be contacted… I’m still waiting....