My Internship With Peoplocity


Hi! I am Jodi Sprinkles and I was the Peoplocity marketing intern from January until August! I attend Indiana Wesleyan University and I major in marketing and business administration. My internship was offered through a program called Accelerate Indiana where students intern with Central Indiana startup companies.

During my internship at Peoplocity I was able to work directly with the CEO and Vice President and help create long-term ideas for Peoplocity. I got to attend the Innovation Showcase, and hear more about startups in Indiana and learn more about building businesses in Indiana. I enjoyed putting some of the principles I learned in class into practice but also learning more on the job.

I gained a lot of valuable experience while working at Peoplocity! I am excited to use the experience I gained once I graduate in December. Thank you to Cathy and George for being great bosses as well!

If you are interested in being an intern at Peoplocity, let us know by email Learn more about Peoplocity.


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