FitBit: A Customer Service Success Story


All too often, it’s the bad customer service experiences that stick in our memory. This makes it seem like quality service is hard to come by, when in reality there are many businesses out there doing a great job. We just don’t talk about them as much. Positive experiences deserve just as much recognition; sharing positive customer experiences provides businesses with valuable feedback, and provides potential customers some insight as to what they can expect when interacting with the business.

Recently I had a great customer service experience with FitBit that I’d like to share.

I got a FitBit Charge in January of this year. I fell in love with the features and convenience. It put the time, my activity data, alarms, even call notifications all on my wrist! I wore my FitBit Charge daily, following the care instructions provided.

After about four months, I noticed the wristband was starting to tear. A couple months later, the wristband had torn all the way through, and I could no longer wear it. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to see my daily activity stats, and noticed that I was thinking less about daily exercise — out of sight, out of mind.

FitBit offers a limited product warranty period of one year from the date of purchase; seeing as my wristband had torn through at only the six month mark, I went online to contact FitBit customer service. On FitBit’s website, I was able to chat with a customer service representative right away, which was very convenient. Immediately, the representative agreed to replace my FitBit Charge — I was delighted!

My experience with FitBit’s customer service was great. The representative had the ability to make a decision on the spot, offering immediate resolution for my product issue. They made it easy for me. I wasn’t transferred to multiple people, or forced to repeat my story over and over.

More importantly to me, I am excited to get my FitBit Charge back within a few days. With my activity tracking information back at my wrist, I’m back in the fitness game! This positive customer service experience has certainly left an impression on me, and I’ll be singing FitBit’s praises to anyone who will listen!



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