Celebrate Customer Service Week


Customer Service Week kicks off Monday, October 5! The theme this year is Everyday Heroes.

Five goals for the week are:

  • Boost morale, motivation and teamwork.
  • Reward front line reps for the important work they do All Year Long.
  • Raise company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  • Thank other departments for their support.
  • Remind customers of your organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

We want to recognize Everyday Heroes!

  • Use our mobile app to send PRAISE to people who provide you great service this week and we’ll send you our Peoplocity koozie!
  • Send us your STORIES about everyday heroes who PROVIDE great service to WeCare@peoplocity.com. If we feature your story, we will send you a limited edition Peoplocity t-shirt!

Customer Service Week is an international event celebrated in all 50 states and 40 countries. Join in the celebration!



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