Disney Excellence Begins With Welcome Home


Walt Disney created Disneyland for one purpose–to be a place where kids and adults can come together and have fun. Simple right?! So what makes the Walt Disney experience unlike any other?

Welcome home! These two words can be heard and read all across the Walt Disney World Resort, where I worked for 5 months on the Disney College Program. Welcome Home can be heard and read all around the property. Welcome home will keep families coming back to Disney in the years to come.Why do Cast Members say welcome home? Walt wanted his guests, not customers, to be welcomed to Disneyland as if he was welcoming him into his own home. The change in wording is what makes all the difference!

When welcoming guests into your home, what do you do prepare? Usually this means that you’re cleaning, prepping food and altogether getting your home ready. But, what do you do to prepare for your business’ guests? Do you spend time making sure everything looks perfect? Disney cast members are trained to create the “stage” show ready. Small details and cleanliness go along way. Get ready for your guests, they will notice! 

One of my favorite parts of working at Disney were guests who shared previous experiences with me. Grandparents would tell me about coming when Disney World was just Magic Kingdom, or parents share interactions their kids had with characters years ago. My small actions are the memories that families remember from their vacation.

Build relationships with your customers, treat them as your own personal guests to make an impression on their experience. The small experiences is what sticks in their memories, and will remind them to make a trip back. Welcome them Home!

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