3 Ways to Celebrate Your Customers like Disney


One question cast members ask at Disney: Are you celebrating anything?! Disney loves to celebrate their guests! And you should too! Here are 3 reasons why guests love to celebrate at Disney and ways you should celebrate your customers.

  1. Recognition

At Disney one thing is guaranteed-FREE celebration button. Guests can get a button for birthdays, anniversaries, 1st visit, and I’m celebrating. These small tokens allow the guests to share why they are celebrating during their whole visit. Cast Members are trained to celebrate guests, recognizing the button, and by mentioning a simple happy birthday or a congratulations for being cancer-free. Celebrate customers with a small token, they are choosing to celebrate with you!

These buttons have become a park staple, and you can find homemade ones at online shops. Disney fans can find a favorite option, Park Bound Buttons, here.

  1. No Questions Asked

“Is it really your birthday?” Of course, Disney will never ask this question! No proof of birthday required. Usually guests won’t take advantage of this, however, do not assume that they are. Even if it is not the exact day of their birthday, celebrate it! Celebrate your customer with no questions asked! No doubt that the guests are trying to get freebies. Make each celebration a memorable one, so they will be back for the next one.  

  1. The Freebies

Being trained to celebrate is an important part of working at Disney. Cast Members are taught to look for the buttons and to acknowledge them. Make memorable moments when you celebrate your customers.  I celebrated my birthday at Disney and the day was filled with 2 free desserts, a lot of Mickey stickers, and cotton candy. A celebration does not need to have a free item though. Most importantly, the guest will have an experience to remember. Whether it is a free treat, a simple sticker, or the area erupting in the Happy Birthday song. Even Mickey Mouse can sing a special song in a magical moment, here.

Train your employees to recognize these moments and celebrate your customers! The customers will remember the big gestures and the small things. Moments like this will make for special memories, and bring back the customers for years to come! Involve employees and celebrate your customers to have a Disney-sized celebration!



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