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What Your Customer Data Isn’t Telling You

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On a recent trip, our pilot was excited to announce that he got us to our destination 20 minutes early. I was happy to hear that and it seemed my fellow passengers were too! As we sat on the tarmac, our pilot announced that we were so early there was no open gate. We waited awhile longer and then finally parked at a gate where we waited for someone to extend the walkway for us to deplane. In the end, we were actually on the plan longer than we would have been had we landed at on time.  This incident...

Peoplocity Chosen for ACTE Global Conference

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Peoplocity has been selected to present in the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) Global Education Conference to be held April 23-25 in New York City. Peoplocity was chosen as an innovative and disruptive technology that is influencing the future of the travel industry. Peoplocity will be one of the technology companies featured in the ACTE Commons, an open customized learning space based on the seven spokes of the ACTE Ferris Wheel. Peoplocity will be on stage to highlight how its two-way text communication channel is supporting both the modern business traveler’s expectations and providing travel managers with data and...

Peoplocity Participates in ACTE Forum in San Francisco

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George Klein, CEO/Founder of Peoplocity, will participate in a panel discussion at the ACTE Education Forum in San Francisco on November 2. The interactive discussion will focus on the evolving role of the travel manager with specific emphasis on the economic challenges, new technologies, hotel forecasts and controlling spend on ground transportation. George will share his expertise on using technology to improve the traveler experience. Other panel members include Matt Doherty, RVP West, Lyft, Jeff Hillenmayer, Head-Corp Sourcing Americas at HRS and Dorian Stonie, Sr Manager, Global Travel at Salesforce. The panel will be moderated by Ralph Colunga, Sr. Director, Global Travel and Marketing Support...

Businesses Strategies that Improve the Customer Experience

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Think about getting prepared for a trip. You take off work, clear your calendar, book a room, pack up the house, make sure someone watches the pets, and the list goes on and on. By the time you arrive at the destination, you want to relax and be taken care of. As a business you need to be prepared for these weary travelers, by providing useful services before they become discouraged and take their annoyance out on your staff. Businesses need to think about what the customer needs before the customer does. A perfect example was sent to us from...

Business Traveler Experience in the Spotlight

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It’s no secret that managing a business travel program today is about much more than just containing costs. Successful programs balance policies to achieve improved traveler productivity and satisfaction in addition to achieving high levels of compliance and cost reduction. Businesses with travel programs of any size can get helpful insights from the 2015 Business Travel Survey released by Travizon. The results identify specific areas that can improve the travel experience, increase productivity and add to the satisfaction and retention of your business travelers. Survey results were broken out by age group, frequency of travel as well as by status...

Peoplocity Heads to Virginia for the Travel Technology Talk

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This week, Peoplocity travels to Virginia to present at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) event. The GBTA’s Travel Technology Talk focuses on new and emerging technologies in the travel industry. While there, Peoplocity will talk about how the Peoplocity can play a role in improving the corporate travel experience. Stephen Seh, the President of the Norther Virginia Chapter of GBTA, invited George Klein, Peoplocity Founder/CEO, to participate in the program after learning about Peoplocity at the ACTE Global Conference in Atlanta in April.  

That Happens All the Time

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Holiday air travel can bring out the worst in people. Add stress to an often chaotic system that already suffers from long lines, frequent delays, and short fuses, and the potential for an unhappy experience is greatly amplified. While a few airlines understand the need to go out of their way to help manage inevitable problems, many do not. Rude or callous responses to customer issues from overworked and stressed out employees can make matters far worse. Flying on a small regional commuter airline during the holidays, we were shuttled to the terminal in one of those small shuttle buses....