Businesses Strategies that Improve the Customer Experience


Think about getting prepared for a trip. You take off work, clear your calendar, book a room, pack up the house, make sure someone watches the pets, and the list goes on and on. By the time you arrive at the destination, you want to relax and be taken care of.

As a business you need to be prepared for these weary travelers, by providing useful services before they become discouraged and take their annoyance out on your staff. Businesses need to think about what the customer needs before the customer does. A perfect example was sent to us from one of our app users.

She was going on a trip to Chicago with her family. During their preparation and planning process, the hotel told them they could drop any bags off before parking. Having the hotel make a note of this eased her mind that no matter where the family may park there was no need to lug bags across busy streets to get back to the hotel. The hotel was prepared for customers searching for available parking which may not be close by.

As the official parking search was about to begin, the concierge ran out to their car. He told her a parking spot had just been vacated in the lot. Then proceeded to tell her where the spot was and it was free parking for the duration of their stay. Imagine the excitement of this information! Not only are the bags already inside, but there was free on-site parking. A Chicago myth!

The concierge saved his customer time, money and effort by taking the time to share the information he possessed. Business need to utilize the best business strategies to be useful for their customers, no matter what the industry.

Anticipate Confusion

No one knows your business better than you. Think about the quirks that may confuse customers like parking or what set of doors is the main entrance. These events are bound to happen, as an employee it’s your job to anticipate and react as swiftly as possible to customer confusion.

Plan Ahead

Now determine how to diminish the quirks or make them more accessible. If you do not allow people to pay with credit cards, make a note on your website and on the front door. Better yet install an ATM in your store. The small details you can include in an email or by placing strategic signs on the property will allow for a smoother transition from the customers house to your business.

Greet Customers

Always greet your customers when they enter your business. A warm greeting makes customers feel welcomed. Even a simple “hello, how can I help you today?” opens the conversation with your customers and communicates a helpful attitude. It may appear tedious, but it’s incredibly helpful- not to mention welcoming.

Consider the Entire Experience

Don’t just focus on arrival to the front door. Think about the time spent within the business, trying to find the bathroom or the most efficient way to look at all the products. Every single detail counts from the time the customer starts the journey to the store to the moment they leave.

Follow Up

Want to improve your process? You need feedback from your customers. The Peoplocity app provides a convenient way for customers to send feedback about their experience privately in real time. People like to be heard and see their opinions matter. Give them an easy, convenient outlet.

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