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Five Digital Customer Courtesies

06/12/17 Comments Leave your thoughts

Common customer courtesies are behaviors employees demonstrate that affect the customer experience. How customers feel they are being treated, greatly impacts whether they make a purchase and whether they return to make additional purchases. In fact, 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are being treated and being treated poorly is the number one reason customers leave a business. Most businesses understand the importance of treating customers courteously when they walk through their doors. Acknowledging and greeting customers and a friendly, helpful attitude lets a customer know you care about them. A genuine interest in helping...

The Hidden Costs of Bad Customer Service

06/14/16 Comments Leave your thoughts

Businesses can expect to encounter occasional service problems with their customers. It is estimated that U.S. companies lose $83 billion each year due to bad service. Some of the losses are obvious like giving refunds and losing the sale. Other costs may be less obvious but have longer lasting and often more significant impacts. Consider the example of a company that marketed and sold its products and service as the best in the industry. The company had production problems for two consecutive quarters and couldn’t deliver on those promises. Customers received extremely bad service. The hidden costs of the bad service...

Cell Phones in Movie Theaters

05/11/16 Comments Leave your thoughts

Allowing cell phones in movie theaters was unheard of just a year ago but is now being considered by a major theater chain. Why? Customers and customer expectations are changing. So, what do my customers want? Business owners should be continuously asking themselves that question. Research has found that 80% of businesses believe they are providing superior customer service, while only 8% of their customers agree. That is a significant disconnect! I think this disconnect can be a result of the lack of understanding of the customer journey, the total sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with...

Do Businesses Really Care?

04/29/16 Comments 1 Comment

Several recent interactions with businesses have left me wondering if they care about about their customers. In one interaction, I called to arrange to have my deck refinished. I got a recorded message that they were busy with other customers, leave a message, and they would get back to me. It’s been a week and they have not called me back. In a second interaction, I called to check into my current pest control service and was 12th in the queue. I hung up, found their web form and sent my questions. It has been 2 weeks and no one...

Why Online Ratings Don’t Tell the Whole Story

04/21/16 Comments Leave your thoughts

We’ve all read online hotel reviews prior to planning a trip. Those reviews are important to us as well as to hotel management. But beware!! If you look at the numeric rating but don’t spend time reading reviews, you may not be getting a true picture. A study by researchers at Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research recently published a study, “What Guests Really Think of Your Hotel: Text Analytics of Online Customer Reviews,” analyzing text from 5,830 TripAdvisor reviews for 57 different hotels. Business travelers were found to write the most online reviews and couples wrote the second most...

The ROI of Customer Experience

02/22/16 Comments 1 Comment

We all know that great customer experience positively impacts a business, but exactly what does that mean? Our friends at the Temkin Group put more definition around the ROI of great customer experience.

Personalized Service is the New Bar

01/07/16 Comments Leave your thoughts

The New Year is upon us, and 2016 brings new expectations for businesses. Forrester Research, a leader in business research and consulting, has released predictions for the coming year. According to the company, 2016 will be an extremely important year for businesses across the globe, and one of extreme leadership change. Using technology to better understand and personalize service is a common theme. Below we’ve highlighted a few of their predictions and what they mean for your business. Customers expect personalized services. Today’s customer expects a business to understand them as an individual, and to anticipate and respond to their unique...

You Only Have 7 Seconds

11/30/15 Comments Leave your thoughts

Seven seconds — that’s all the time you have to make a positive, lasting impression on any new customer. The interactions with your employees and observations about your business that take place during this short window are critical to the customer experience. Do you know what it takes to make a great first impression and make your customers feel like stars? Take Pride in Your Appearance When it comes to making a positive first impression, appearance certainly matters. There are two elements to consider: the appearance of your business and that of your employees. Regarding your business, customers start to...