The Most Magical Customer Experience


What do you want to be when you grow up? Kids in my elementary classes would write down reasonable answers; a doctor, lawyer, mom, or teacher. My answer was a little far fetched. I wanted to be a princess and live where Mickey Mouse does. Even as a kid I wanted to live in the most magical place on Earth.

Adults and children everywhere know that Disney is known as the most magical place on earth.Whether this is through movies, tv or other advertisements. Disney World is also associated with providing the best customer service. This reputation is what keeps Disney cast members working at Disney for years. The ability to provide a magical customer experience is what Disney is known for.

This legacy was started by Walt Disney himself when he opened Disneyland in California. Allowing guests to feel the magic while interacting with cast members (Disney employees), is what keeps families coming back for years to come! The same effect happens to employees, they are inspired to work at Disney to provide quality experiences to families who visit.

This past year, I was able to participate in the Disney College Program. Every semester Disney recruits around 3,000 college students to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Each student is given a role, and works for the company during a semester of college. When I first heard about the program, I couldn’t pass it up. My role was merchandise and my location was Epcot in the World Showcase. I was able to learn about the Walt Disney Company and uphold the traditions that makes the Disney experience so memorable. The legacy of working for a company where customer service standards are so high, is a great experience for a young professional like myself.

In this series, I hope to share some of my experience of working for the most magical place on Earth!

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