Some Businesses Love Their Customers


It’s great to be loved by a business! You know the feeling. The warm, happy feeling you have when you walk out of a business and can’t wait to tell everyone about your special experience. Customer-friendly businesses know how to create that special feeling that make us loyal customers—for life!

Customer-focused businesses make us feel special throughout our entire experience with them. They pay attention to details and provide the little extras that sweeten our experience. They make it easy for us to interact with them. And, of course, we love their products/services. Here a few companies that love their customers.


Founded in 1994, Amazon has continued to evolve to become the largest online retailer in the world by total sales. Amazon is obsessed with customers! They offer customers almost anything they want, delivered quickly, often within 24 hours. Payment options are easy and the return process is painless. With a wide-range of products and services, they are an easy go-to for almost everything we need.


Who could not love Disney?! It’s the “Happiest Place on Earth,” creating “magical moments” at every possible opportunity. Disney creates an outstanding experience for guests starting long before we arrive and continuing throughout our visit. Disney pays close attention to every detail even creating an entire underground system for employees. Disney delights guests, creating loyal customers who return often.


Nordstrom provides customers with many extras that delight customers and elevates the shopping experience above all others. Well trained sales people provide personal attention to shoppers throughout their shopping experience. Quality products with customer friendly policies make it easy to shop with them.


Southwest’s reasonable fares and customer friendly policies make it easy to fly with them. Customer-friendly policies like free baggage, no change or cancellation fees, and a great rapid reward program make them the airline of choice for many flyers. Their flight attendants make each flight a fun, new experience and, if something does go wrong, customers are confident that Southwest’s friendly, smiling customer service agents will help.

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