Are You a Kid Friendly Business?


For working parents, Saturday mornings are often the time to run errands. Many times, they run those errands accompanied by their young children. Taking kids in and out of car seats to make quick stops at the dry cleaners, bank, or pharmacy can be exhausting. Kids get tired and bored and parents lose their patience creating unpleasant scenes in businesses.

As a business owner, you can do a few simple things to make your  business more kid friendly.

Is your business “kid friendly”?

Busy working parents trying to get a slew of errands crammed into a short weekend, with kids in tow, are likely to seek out businesses which are truly kid friendly.  So how can you roll out the welcome mat for these potential customers?

1) Have something for the kids.  Beautiful little lollipops come in a large bag and cost very little.  More than just a sweet treat they let kids sort and choose which keeps kids occupied while parents conduct business.

If the children are occupied, the parents are more likely to stay longer and be more willing to come back. Coloring pages and a few crayons, a small play area if you have the room, a trivia game on the table or a video playing in the corner will distract most children for at least a few minutes while mom (or dad) browses and buys.

2) Create a welcoming environment. I know, not everyone loves kids, especially when they belong to someone else.  However, if you want people to feel comfortable bringing their kids, coach employees to acknowledge the children and (after checking with the parent) point them to the toy, game, candy or coloring page before resuming the discussion.

A kid friendly location make parents want to come back to do more business with you. If the kids end up living nearby, there is a good chance they will remember the familiarity  and welcoming atmosphere.

Don’t be surprised if they come back as customers, especially when they have kids who are begging to join them on their errand runs every Saturday morning.

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